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Tuttle Lake

World's Largest Spool of Thread

2018-10-10. Colorado to Missouri

Snowing? Yep, that's what it was doing as we left Colorado on Monday morning. The snow was starting to coat the grass but the roads were just wet. But, for the next two days, the weather was just awful as we drove across Kansas and into Missouri. In Kansas, we stayed in Wakeeney at a KOA but after we arrived the rains started in earnest and the wind was fierce as well. We delayed leaving in the morning, hoping the weather would start to move out, but no luck. It was raining so hard that there was ponding on I-70 and the wind made the driving even more difficult. We stayed for the third time at Tuttle Cove Recreation Area, a Corps of Engineers park and dam near Manhattan, Kansas. It is a really nice park and the Tuttle Point area has sites facing the lake. It stopped raining while we set up but soon, it started again. When we left in the morning, it was cloudy and cold and it remained that way all day with a strong wind. As we left Kansas and entered Missouri, we crossed first the Missouri and then the Platt river. The Missouri, a huge river to begin with, was angry and almost over its banks. The Platt was over its banks and all of the surrounding fields were flooded. Not only did the fields look like a lake, but there were waves and whitecaps on them which was strange indeed. We did not encounter any road closures but expect some tomorrow. We are staying in Hamilton, Missouri about 40 miles east of St. Joseph. Hamilton is a very small town that has a cute main street but, the neighborhoods are tired looking. What makes Hamilton a draw, and it is one, is its attractions. First, this was the home of J.C.Penney and he had his first store here. There is a nice museum devoted to him. Next, this is also the Quilting Capitol of the World, according to the signs in town. I can actually believe it because this is the home of the Missouri Star Quilt Company. What an operation! There were 11 different stores devoted to all of the different aspects of quilting. There was a backing store, a machine store, and a store devoted to every type and pattern of fabric. There was a "primitive" fabric store, a children's fabric store, batik, modern, seasonal and the list goes on and on. The stores sold every conceivable pattern, thread, and quilt related item, many whose purpose was lost on me. However, there were hundreds of women, some bussed in, who were making their pilgrimage to the mecca for all things quilting. I enjoyed visiting the shops but it was a little overwhelming for someone who only knows how to sew a straight seam on her 1959 Singer portable sewing machine. Last but not least, what makes Hamilton even more special is the world's largest spool of thread. See photo. What can I say?

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