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Last night's campground in Quebec City, wasn't quite as deserted as the...

Mike is happy to be in the driver's seat this time

Yippee a new sticker can go on the bus!

Mactaquac dam and power generating station. Look it up, is having some...

Parked and enjoying the peace in Mactaquac National Park, Mike is washing...

A view of the dam from the beach at the park

Day two on the road. Much longer than the map shows, we chose to drive around the US!

Mike hopped into the drivers seat to get us started today, and as we rolled out of our campsite, the engine warning light went off. Hmmm.... interesting.

We made our way to a tire repair place and after half an hour we were back on the road... a rusted valve stem seems to have been the slow leaker. Things are looking up, all our problems seemed to be solved. The day was overcast but what could go wrong? Well not long after, when we pulled into a service center for gas, that's when we were hit with sticker shock - the price of gas had suddenly jumped up. But from then on the trip was just long and if any of you have ever driven the Eastern Quebec - New Brunswick stretches of road, you know it's just lots of road and hills. You do feel like your getting somewhere when you make the turn south at Rivière-du-Loup. And we always snicker when we see the sign for Saint-Louis-du-Ha! Ha! (yes, the exclamation points are actually in the name)

Along the way, to pass the time, we recalled our past trip with the kids down this same highway - we passed the campground we had stayed in, the worlds longest covered bridge, and everywhere you went, there was the 'Largest' everything, fiddle, axe, potato.

Even thought it was a long day with all our stops for repairs and Mike needing to pee, we made good time. Had our first time change to Atlantic Time and the sun came out and the temperature rose up into the 70's. At the end of the day we parked the bus in Mactaquac, a provincial park just outside of Fredericton.

Some of you may be asking, I thought they were going to Florida... Ah Ha ! We are, but taking the long way. We need to hit all the provinces so Michelle can fill in her map on the outside of the bus... all the states and provinces we've been to. So tomorrow we are off to PEI and maybe some wet golfing.

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