KayJen Summer 2017 travel blog

Breakfast on our roof top

Made it to breakfast then crashed again

Monks quarters. Museum full of religious icons

Michael Angelo








This morning we had our breakfast on the terrace as another warm and sunny day. Kaylin fell back to sleep so will start later and end later. No problem as holidays are meant to be enjoyed and relaxing. If you race around you miss the excitement and important things around you

Today we walked and walked. Saw many old building and found an old monk monetary converted into a museum. All in Italian but we figured the wall paintings were done by someone famous due to security. Dry neat to see how small and bare their rooms were

Back walking as we circled I on David. The line up was long but approached by a tour guide so we bought tickets for a tour and skipped the line in the heat. Of course we then saw the artists pieces as well as very large paintings. Incredible how big the canvas was. All very dark as colours gone with age. Be nice to see a replica beside

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