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The Red Elephant




The first meal

Unexpected hazards

The first (of many) impala

Our first elephant

And her baby

Nightime visitor to camp

Flight landed at about 5:30 and we disembarked with no problems. Customs was not an issue. However, when we got to the luggage pickup there was no luggage. Jan and Kitty stayed to deal with the problem and I went and caked the tour company to let them know we were finally there.

Kitty and Jan came out after about ½ hour and we waited – I got a text from Alice saying to get in touch with the tour company. I did again and after a bit of back and forth it was straightened out.

Maxwell – one of the guides – showed up about 7:20 and we joined Shadrick (the other guide) and the other 9 people on the tour, Jan sat in the back and Kitty and I sat in the front seat. Everybody was very nice and concerned about our plight, but off we went!

We drove straight for quite some time and finally made a break. We got some toothbrushes and brushed by the back fence then off again, We passed a couple flocks of Guinea Fowl and quite a few unusual trees. A second stop and then a break for lunch. I cleaned up trash around the lunch tables and helped shred the lettuce. Most folks pitched in to make a salad.

Back on the road and we started seeing more and more game – antelope, other grazers, even a giraffe!

Then one more stop to get some substantial stuff – like big bottles of water. Then to Kruger Batuobal park, Kitty and I got hats and then into the park – late. We came on a herd of springbok and took some pictures, then an elephant and her baby – plus a lot more in the woods behind. Then we passed a giraffe and stopped to see some eagles then we sort of just zoomed away as it was getting dark.

We got to the park grounds and finally got our rooms after dark. Kitty and I in a tent (with cots) but no toilet or shower – and we had on the same clothes from Thursday!

We helped put together the dinner, then sat around drinking a bit of wine while the guides cooked a pot of white corn ad a beef or peanut dish to go with it. You were supposed to east with your fingers – I did but everybody used a fork.

Then we all sat around and introduced ourselves and chatted about why we were on this tour; Jan got quite emotional but it worked out well. Seems like a nice group – we the only Americans plus one guy – Paul, from California.

We cleaned up a bit and washed off – too chilly for showers. A couple of Impalas wandered into the camp grounds and Kitty touched one. But it was late so we headed off to the tent for the night.

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