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17 th October – Coolamon to Shepparton….

Well what a day, just over 300km took us 6 ¼ hours………………………

We started of Ok but then the chap inside the GPS did not know that floods had closed most of the roads and we kept coming up to Road Closed barricades and having to turn round. In the end we ended up back in Wagga and then travelled via Urana, Lockhart, and Jerilderie where we stopped for lunch where the chef made a nice toasted sandwich…. Ok so who forgot to clip the lid back over the gas bottles and who had to walk back 400 metres to pick said cover off the side of the road? No doing a U turn on the Newell Hwy was not an option unless I wanted to be hit by 10 B Doubles all doing 110kph… It was easier to walk back….

Part of the problem was the BP fuel we bought in Urana, we had driven all the way from Harden on the ‘no name’ diesel and the BP seemed to just be guzzled and it’s very flat…. We bought another tank full of Caltex at Jerilderie and it seems to have more punch…

After getting lost looking for the Visitor Centre we eventually found the Lakeview Caravan Park and booked in. Ohhh yes there was another minor disaster enroute, Carols locker in the ensuite came open and her Shower gel fell out, the top came off the bottle and you can imagine… Anyway we found Coles bought some fresh fruit and new shower Gel all round, mine has a masculine fragrance so I won’t smell like a “Pansy”….

We decided we would go out for dinner and thought the Shepparton Club would be suitable for travellers of our station but the Shepparton Club is now the Centrelink office…. Eventually we ended up at the RSL which served very nice meals, we only had the “Seniors Serves” and that was quite enough… The RSL Club has free haircuts for Veterans too… There is a “Cold Rock” here too and I would have been happy with a cold rock for dinner…

Gracie seems happy there are dogs everywhere here but she just ignores them…

18th October - Shepparton.

There was major concern expressed this morning when Carol, stepped out of the shower, she was complaining of smelling like a Grapefruit apropos the Grapefruit shower gel she bought; I found it quite nice and referred to her as Mon petit pamplemousse

Anyway the weather was decidedly inclement so washing the clothes was out of the question and we decided to get some blinds to replace the stupid Venetians that came with the van over the sink and in the ensuite. They made it difficult to open the windows and were so thin they were impossible to clean so Mon petit pamplemousse

Over to Spotlight and bought some roller blinds that can be wound up during cooking or “non private activities” in the ensuite.

Then we went looking for a lunch place and ended up at a Dutch Windmill in Shepparton (as one does). We had the “Super Spud”, wouldn’t rave about it but it was OK. I seem to recall the Dutch have their coleslaw dry without dressing and so this was…

Then Mon petit pamplemousse headed for the chocolates, they all looked lovely and were très expensive, the pineapple one was nice the peppermint one was ok it had some weird liqueur around the peppermint centre… On, or should I say, in the other hand are some peppermint fudge in dark chocolate and they are very nice, it think Mon petit pamplemousse will allow one with my evening cup of tea…..

So back to the van and we worked on the installation of the blinds for a cuppla hours screens and clean them and open the windows, they look a lot better than the silver Venetians too…

So that in a Pineapple skin was the day, it’s almost cold enough to turn on the heater here.

Tomorrow we are going to seek out a Strawberry place, and organic apricot place, a local bakery with its alleged are the best vanilla slices east of Horsham and of course the inevitable Ardmona SPC factory outlet…

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