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Cesky's old walls still have a comic look!

Cesky - the old in front and the new at the back.

A moody Cesky!

Kids on the rafts - such fun.

Our once lovely terraced campsite, is now 80% solar panels with only...

Monday 30th May 2016 – Cesky Krumlov

Rain overnight and a cloudy morning – with only small bits of blue sky – but it is shorts weather.

The shower is not great 10c for 10 min but not that hot and the cubicle I was directed to had no hooks inside – so clothes had to be slung over the door.

We drove up to Chavalsiny to check out a Dutch campsite – nice place lots of pitches – heated toilet and shower rooms – friendly owner (he also had a Range Rover sport) and free Wi-Fi.

We drove back to town and refuelled the car and back to the campsite to get the bikes to ride into town.

Yet again the cycle onto town was fine – and we chained the bikes up just by the bridge – along with many others – WHY is there not a bike rack!!

So, we wandered the streets again – some we remembered, others seemed completely alien – strange – eventually we decided time for lunch - and selected a place with tables in the sun – But as we did not have much cash- would they accept credit cards – Sadly no – so after putting our order in Neil had to rush to the cash point (Bankomat) to get more dosh. Fortunately he arrived back after his drink had been served but just before the meal was served!!

Carolyn had Chicken and Asparagus Salad and Neil had Beef Stew in a Bread Bowl. Nice

However as the afternoon wore on we ended having five glasses of wine (that’s a litre) a half litre of beer and two main courses – and the bill – only 685 Koruna – about £20 – excellent value.

Back at the campsite we sit out in the sun (really hot) then hear Thunder and prepare to hide indoors but it comes to nothing - .

A British motor home has arrived today – and we have a chat – They are from Trochry near Dunkeld and are in Cesky for their son’s wedding tomorrow – the Groom and his Fiancée live in England at the place called Tring which is not far from where Carolyn was born – Small world

Dinner is a buffet of stuff as we are both still full from lunch.

Tuesday 31st May – Cesky Krumlov

Really heavy rain overnight – torrential would be the best description.

But it dries up a bit and we can get packed up without getting wet. As one of the motor homes tries to leave it gets stuck in the mud and we assist in pushing it out. However, the owners had put some rigid plastic matting under the wheels and when they reversed it was fired out from the wheel, narrowly missing Carolyn’s leg (which might have been a serious injury) but covering her in MUD – She was the only one to get it!!

As we leave Cesky, many of the roads have a bit of flooding – one especially so, as the water run off a field and turned the road brown.

The rain ceases for a bit but returns as we near Salzburg and we have to pitch in the rain at Camping Panorama. But the place is busy, busy, more motor homes than caravans. Why so buy in May?

We quickly select a small pitch on the top row, but have to push the caravan into the pitch so we get the best view – Will we get it out again!!

The rain never stops and so we hole up in the caravan all afternoon.

We have dinner in the site’s restaurant in the evening – Neil has Weiner Schnitzel and Carolyn has Cordon Bleu but with trout and salmon in a tasty soup – Strange combination but Carolyn ate it all up!!

More from Austria next

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