Jason's Southern African Journey 2005 travel blog

Despite the clouds, there were still some good views to be had

Me living dangerously


Someone has it in for people in wheelchairs

The aforementioned potholes

The falls that feed into the holes

Me washing away all my sadness...and freezing the lower part of my...


Today we were able to sleep in until the ripe old hour of 7:00 before having breakfast and breaking down camp before the 90 minute drive to Graskop, near the Blyde River Canyon. The Blyde River Canyon is one of the largest in the world and some of the views we were able to take in were incredible, even though it was overcast much of the day. We took in three different viewpoints at three different locations/elevations and had luck at two of them. Unfortunately the supposed best viewpoint, called "God's Window", was very foggy and offered little more than a cold stiff wind. Nevertheless some of the pictures from some of the lower elevations came out great. At the last stop there was a creek that legend has it can cleanse all of your sadness away, thus the picture of me up to my knees in frigid water.

That night at the campsite was pretty miserable. It was only in the low forties with a pretty cold wind and there was an incessant drizzle that just wouldn't quit. Thankfully, there was a covered area where we could all avoid the elements and at least stay dry as we ate. The only highlight was a hyperactive Jack Russell terrier that refused to stop playing fetch, and we're not talking a tennis ball here. Affectionately called Cous-cous, he would run up to you carrying a log as big as he was and wait until you threw it before taking off after it like it was a t-bone. When he finally lost the log he returned minutes later with half of a brick. Something was not right with him.

Once again, we had to get to bed early as we were facing a 5:15 wakeup call for the long drive to Messina, the last town in South Africa before the Zimbabwe border. The drive was about 8 hours or so but offered some incredible views as much of it was through steep mountain passes. Once again, no real highlights this day other than we arrived at the campsite early enough to set up camp and head to a local bar next door to play some pool and throw a few beers back for the first time since leaving Jo'burg. Another early night was in order, though, as we wated to get an early start crossing the unpredictable border into Zimbabwe.

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