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Fertile turtle

Airing up

My poor garden.

Karen and I have been scrambling around trying to pare down our to-do lists. Since the rain stopped for the last two days I got the garden caught up with some weeding and mulching. My poor garden has been drenched for the last week and it is suffering some, and the rabbits are trying to wipe out Glamma's green beans, they will be sorry about that! I got to mow a little and do some spraying and while mowing I came across that turtle digging a hole to lay her eggs, cool. Got a new dash radio installed in the motorhome without too much trouble, it sounds a lot better plus it has a usb port, an aux input and is set up for satellite radio. I'm almost getting into the 21st century finally, ha. Aired up all tires that are going on the trip, the Tracker's left rear tire was down to 22 psig, hmmm. The motorhome's tires were all within 2 psig of 100 so I topped all up to 102 psig. The plan is to leave Monday and Denis and Carolyn may get to go after all! Fingers crossed because I hate to travel without them. I keep saying "I can't travel without Cuz!" :)

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