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Alaskan Cruise 2016

May 23 – June 7th

May 23rd…

Kim took us to the airport this morning to begin our Alaskan Adventure for two weeks on the Maasdam.

We flew from Charlotte to Seattle first class on a flight with an old airplane with no movies, tv or entertainment, not even music. It was a very boring flight and we expect better from American especially on a five hour flight. I will admit the breakfast was good, much better than the old junky airplane food. Once on the ground, we were met by the HAL greeters who took our luggage and delivered it directly to the ship. That is a nice perk to ordering the transfer from Holland and not doing it on your own….the luggage transfer.

Once on board we found our suite, 016 on the Navigation deck. I has a huge balcony with a table and chairs for 4, two chairs with foot rests and two lounge chairs; and it is still big enough to walk around the balcony. Too bad it will be underused on this cruise as Alaska is not a destination to sunbath out on the balcony. We did bring a bathing suit in case we wanted to go to the main Lido Pool as they have a retractable roof which encloses the pool area when cold. Our luggage arrived shortly thereafter, but we decided to unpack later so we could walk around the ship and attend a free cocktail party for 4 and 5 star Mariner’s. We did not realize how many of us there was until we went up to the Crow’s Nest but there are a lot of us this cruise. Not sure if there are any President’s Club members though.

Later we had the cocktail party for suite guests in the Neptune Lounge. It was nice as only a few of us attended. They do not send out invites any longer, so I suspect some did not know about the suite gathering.

For dinner we met our four table mates. This time we decided to do late seating at 7:45 pm at a table of 6. Usually we do open seating but decided we needed to get to know a few people on this two week cruise. We are sitting with Linda and Bill, a very nice couple from California and Linda and John from Arizona. As usual I had the NY cut prime rib the first night out and Dad had Shrimp and Grits. After dinner we went back to the room and unpacked, it was a long day and as we had to set the clocks back one hour we knew we would be exhausted if we did not call it a night. We had sat around our dinner table so long talking that we had missed the initial show in the showroom anyway.

As we were aware the night’ stay lit much longer in the Northern Sky and the morning come earlier, day light at 4 am. So we are going to have to clip the curtains and stuff the windows to block the light. HAL does not provide black out drapes on the ship, so daylight here we come!

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