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Window with the mid level of darkening

Our last flight in this long journey to Bali has, at least one redeeming factor-novelty. This aircraft is known for being lighter, more fuel efficient and the most technologically advanced aircraft in the world. So, though this leg is on a discount airline (Jetstar), and passengers pay for everything including soft drinks, snacks, meals (and those have to be pre-purchased-even for a 6.5 hour international flight!) and the entertainment system ( it is gate to gate costs $10 but has a cool feature where you can chat with someone in another seat on the screen). I do love the larger windows that have varying shades of darkness just by pushing a small button on the bottom of the window. Now the true test will be if it really is better for jet lag! (Though perhaps it is not a very fair test with how long we have already been traveling!)

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