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Overcast and rain through Canadian Rockies hwy 541

Luckily found lodging at Banff Rocky Mountain Resort

Unwinding in the outdoor hot tub

4 old travelers

After a hearty breakfast at a small local café we headed out for Banff. It was overcast and drizzly all day but we were on a very remote route through some very rugged country and whenever there was a break in the cloud cover we managed to see some beautiful country. When we rolled into Banff around 2 pm it was sticker shock….crowds and crowds of people and had it not been for the fact that next town was 5 hours away I think we would have just kept on going. I believe this is as close as we will come to having to sleep in the camper, everything in town was booked but due to a cancellation we found a room at Banff Rocky Mountain Resort for 2 nights. The weather is suppose to be better tomorrow so we plan to see as much as we can in one day and then continue our journey Sunday morning.

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