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Irellan with her bubbles

Darcy & Hunter relaxing

Hunter Jordinn Irellan & Kooper


Kooper with his scooter

Dawn & David with their dogs

View from campground

View from Campground

Darcy & Jordinn with Ebony round the campfire

Help! I'm frightened. Kye with Dawn & Christine

Christine with Ebony

Early yesterday Darcy, Fiona and the grandchildren arrived. Christine woke at 4:30 and announce that they had arrived. We went back to sleep.

We got up late and started breakfast. We were visited by Irellan and Kooper as we ate. Despite our offer of breakfast they returned to their trailer and had breakfast with the family. We all sat outside and played games and talked till David and Dawn arrived with their two dogs.

We had lunch and tidied up then we went to the pool. Dawn went for a sleep and Christine read and petted Ebony, Fiona and Darcy's dog. We had a good time at the pool and all returned in time to have dinner which Fiona made. We sat around and talked for a while. Darcy went to bed and David and Dawn also retired. We went for a walk and then Fiona and the children came into our trailer and looked at some of our photos from our recent trip.

This morning Darcy, David & Dawn were up early and went for a round of golf.. We got up and had breakfast then the rest of us sat around and played games. We went over to the store with the grandchildren who bought some candies. We had lunch and David and Dawn had a nap. Darcy, Fiona and the three older children went for a walk. Irellan has an ingrown toenail which is causing her some pain and she was told to stay home. I went to get a few groceries and Christine and Irellan went and watched a "Big Splash" competition at the pool.

When we came back we played a game and then everyone else came in and we talked and watched some of our photos.

We all had dinner together again and it was our turn to cook. Christine got things ready and we enjoyed another good meal. As we finished, friends from Edmonton stopped by and chatted for a while. They had been with our Church to Romania to assist in renovating a camp building, so it was interesting to hear first hand how things had gone. Fiona and I cleaned up then we sat around a portable gas fire and made smores. The dogs were disturbed by what sounded like gunshots. We think it was bangers set off to keep bears at bay. We have seen bears around this campground most years that we have been here.

As darkness drew in we all went back to our respective trailers for the night. Darcy, David & Dawn are going for another golf game early tomorrow. No doubt the rest of us will not be in a hurry to get up.

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