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Carpes back "home" at RoVer's Roost

Mountains west of Phoenix along Interstate 10

Carpe Diem clocks mile #70K
With a diesel it is just getting "broken...

Sagauro cactii along Interstate 8

Sagauro cactii along Interstate 8

RoVer's Roost has "Adopted a Highway"

Rover's Roost looking northwest

Rover's Roost looking northeast

"Driving Ted" as seen thru windshield

Rover's Roost looking north

A drone's-eye view of Carpes on our lease lot

A drone's-eye view of Carpes on our lease lot

Thu, 22 Jan: Quartzsite in our rear view mirrors...

After a delightful eight days boondocking in Quartzsite it is time to head back to civilization. We did very well with our solar, water, and other utilities. During the eight days we ran our generator 1½ hours—and that because we needed to use our convection oven to cook dinner.

First thing (about 0730) this morning Bob moved Carpe into town to have an ARP refrigerator protection device installed. This is an additional layer of protection against a catastrophic refrigerator failure and fire. It monitors the boiler temperature and will (theoretically) turn off the burner before any damage occurs.

With the ARP gizmo installed we hooked up Carpe Dinkum and rolled onto Interstate ten around half past nine. A driver switch and walk around at a handy rest stop and then US 85 south toward Gila Bend and Interstate 8.

We arrived at Gila Bend a few minutes after noon and topped off the diesel tank at the handy Shell station. Then we parked in their truck lot for lunch. Back on the road right at one and a quick fifty miles to Casa Grande and RoVer's Roost. We were settled into our leased lot and plugged in by mid afternoon.

Today's total run was 179 miles with an overall fuel consumption of 1⅜ mpg. We'll blame the poor fuel economy on the stiff winds that never seemed to blow in the "good" direction.

We'll park here at RoVer's Roost for a few weeks and then head out on our next "adventure" mid February.

Sat, 24 Jan: Update!!! We have been here two days now and are still using the water from our internal tank and have not yet dumped our waste tanks. This is the tenth day we've been living (very comfortably we might add) on our internal utilities.

Thu, 05 Feb: We survived the Stupid Bowl!

Quite a bit of time has elapsed since our last update. We had a full week of cloudy and drippy skies leading up to the Stupid Bowl. The city-fathers of Phoenix and environs were having conniptions lest the world learn that yes, Arizona does have rain and clouds. The afternoon of the "big game" the sun did come out and Arizona got to strut her stuff, much as California does with the Rose Parade.

We managed to keep ourselves busy, mostly doing retiree stuff. It consists of doing nothing all day, not finishing, so we pick up where we left off the next day. We did get to meet with Bobbie & Lee for lunch in Tucson and welcomed Caren & Bob to the park. Bob drove to Phoenix twice to attend stamp shows, while Sandi stayed at home and got some "Bob's not underfoot" cleaning done.

We attended a meeting of the Maricopa Ham Radio Club. They are a nice group and we decided to support the club by becoming members. They don't know us yet so they thought us becoming members was a positive thing. They'll learn...

We've also been learning how to fly our drone, which is a lot of fun. We bought four additional batteries as the drone can only fly for about seven minutes per charge. We're getting better at it, or so we like to think. See the pix we've posted and judge for yourselves.

Mid week next week we'll break camp here at RoVer's Roost and head west to California. We don't generally drive into the "People's Republic" lightly, but Bob wants to attend a stamp show in Riverside so we'll stay in a nearby Thousand Trails park for a week. Then three days in Yuma on the way back to attend the Yuma Hamfest.

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