We left Flag City around 0930 and our destination for the day was Bakersfield, California. We stopped at the Flying "J" truck stop to refuel which took about twenty minutes and $252 dollars for the fuel we purchased.

We got back on the road and headed south on Us 99. Traffic was light and the weather was great. No clouds and bright sun with a light wind. It was about 56 degrees when Ross went for his daily walk around 0615 and the wind was light. The temperature began to climb a little before we left Flag City but it was still cold enough that we needed the heat on as we traveled south.

Around noon time we stopped at a rest area for a potty break and before we got back on the road Ross removed his sweat shirt because the temperature was increasing significantly. We arrived in Bakersfield around 1430 and the temperature was in the upper 80's.

We experienced another small world event when we parked at our camp site. We both observed that the motorhome in the adjacent site was another Allegro motorhome but as Ross was on the opposite side of the motorhome connecting to the utilities he heard Marge talking to someone and the other voice was familiar. It turned out that the couple in the other motorhome are members of our motorhome club. For those of you in the Allegro Motorhome Club that read this journal the couple are Bill and Carolyn Nelson. They are staying here for a couple of days and tomorrow they are having a new toilet installed in their motorhome before heading back home in Northern California.

Tomorrow we will head for Indio, California.

That is all for today.

Ross & Marge

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