Costa Rica - January 2014 travel blog

The Pacific Ocean surf

Relaxing at the pool

The turtle hatchery

(Seeing we at mainly working nights, this blog is going to get confusing on our part as well as yours so bare with us!) After crawling (and I do mean crawling) into bed at 6 am, we managed to grab a few hours of sleep so we could get up for 11 am breakfast. Everything we are eating tastes great and we are gobbling it down In record time. We have been introduced to a fruity-type of milkshake for breakfast and we have to admit they are extremely tasty.

After we returned back to the research center, the afternoon is ours to relax, nap, or enjoy the beautiful weather and picture perfect view of the Pacific Ocean. Karen couldn't wait to jump into the water and she had a blast rolling around in the surf. Carol and Dale also donned their suits and jumped in also, to see if they could manage the high waves and current. Dale decided she wanted to expand Carol's ocean experiences because she was being to timid and cautious of the waves. Dale exclaimed, "time to go body surfing" so the lesson began. Dale would throw herself into the oncoming waves with gusto and loved being tossed around like a cork. Carol still held back, trying to gain some confidence, but she wasn't feeling the love of the waves yet. After one thunderous wave, Dale captured it and enjoyed the ride in. It took a while for her to surface but when she did, she was exhilarated with the experience but once she arose out of the water, a serious wardrobe malfunction had happened so that ended the lesson for Carol. Dale proceeded to break out in hysterics and fell back into the water with laughter!

We all went our on evening patrols again and only 1 team saw a Ridley Turtle laying eggs but no leatherbacks were sited. Due to the extremely high tide, we all had a lot of trouble walking as we we being forced further up the beach and into the vegetation, thus making us walk on a slant and in the difficult soft sand. Our legs muscles are feeling this new experience, along with our tired feet, but we are all enjoying this wonderful experience.

Attached are some photos from the day along with shots from the hatchery Enjoy!

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