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Lizard at lunch

Banana plantation

Tour boat

Small town outside Tortuguea

At the shore

Up at 5:00 AM and meet Estefan (the guide), Jana, and Veronica – the entire tour group! We board a small bus and off to a restaurant for breakfast – which takes some time. After a while we get back on and drive over the mountains in heavy rain. Road being repaired as we drive bumpy – jungle! We pass many banana plantations – blue bags on the bunches of bananas to keep off the various sprays. Stop at an open air restaurant for lunch – armed guard there finds a lizard and lets Alice hold it. They also had a butterfly farm in the back. Finally we make it to a small house at Moin.

Get on an open outboard boat with a bunch of other people and start down the river. Immediately we see some “Jesus” Lizards – they’re so fast that they literally run across water. Very interesting. After a while the greenish water turns brown – the outflow from the banana plantations where there is much erosion. A bit of rain and we finally arrive at Tortuguero – a small village on the Caribbean. We wander around, look at the sea and buy some small souvenirs.

We then arrive at Turtle Lodge – our destination for the next two nights. Our cabin only has screens for windows but a cool breeze from the ocean. We can see the sea from the front door. Many palm trees and tropical plants all around. A very isolated spot – only accessible by boat or horse on the beach! There is also a swimming pool. We actually saw the sun for a while as well! Just hang around and dinner at the dining hall. There is no other choice!

Later that evening we were taken by boat back to Tortuguero and got to see a green sea turtle laying eggs. Interesting walk through the jungle at night. Boat made some mysterious stops but back at the lodge late. We realized on the return that we had black beans and rice at every meal so far!

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