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Carpe tucked into Bailey's RV pad

A gorgeous desert sunrise on a cold, crisp morning

Once underway the outside air temperature was a bracing 29°F

A desert vista along I 40

We exited I 40 west of Needles

The Needles Hwy in California is full of these dips

Welcome to Nevada on the Needles Hwy
Once in NV the road quality...

Sat, 05 Jan: Brrrrrr!!! It was really C-O-L-D overnite. The forecast was for temperatures to dip to the high twenties, but when Sandi braved getting out of bed at 0530 the outside air temperature was a "bracing" 23°F and it was 37°F inside. We started the generator, turned on both gas furnaces and the diesel's block heater. Then back between the covers for an hour of snuggling before it was warm enough to move about. Yes, we're wusses, and proud of it!

Following several mugs of hot tea and a hot breakfast we got Carpe ready for the road. Since we were boondoking it was an easy process. Our hydraulic jacks have been slow to retract in cold weather so we had to wait about fifteen minutes till all the warning lites went out, which allowed the Cummins to warm up. Despite that we rolled wheels at 0820.

We headed east on I 40 with virtually no traffic whatsoever. It was a gorgeous morning and we enjoyed the spectacular high desert vistas as we drove along. We switched drivers at a rest stop roughly 80 miles along and Bob took us the rest of today's easy drive.

West of Needles we left the Interstate and headed north on Needles Highway. Needles Highway is in deplorable condition from Needles to the state line. Rough pavement, many potholes, and dips that give the suspension a real workout. Once we crossed into Nevada it became a four lane highway as smooth as (fill in the adjective of your choice here).

We arrived at Ray & Cathie's home at 1115 and received our usual warm reception. We disconnected Dinkum and Bob got Carpe tucked into the RV pad adjoining their home. Bo, their beautiful Tiffin Phaeton, has his own garage.

We got set up, had lunch, and Bob drove to the Laughlin Post Office where our mail was waiting for us at General Delivery. We've spent the afternoon going thru two weeks worth of mail and trying to stay warm. It's still cold (OAT is 55°F) and the winds make it seem even colder.

It will soon be Happy Hour and we'll retire to the house for libations and dinner. Cathie always spoils us this way by feeding us. We'll get them out for dinner a few times while we're here so she can get a rest.

Today's stats: 138 miles, 14.7 gallon of diesel, 9.4 mpg.

Tue, 08 Jan: We had a very relaxed and positive few days. As always, Ray & Cathie spoiled us rotten with their hospitality. We did manage to get them out for dinner a few nites so Cathie didn't have to cook every nite. We shared our Alaska DVD with them along with the movie Ted.

Today Cathie suggested we take a tour of the Desert Diamond Distillery in Kingman, AZ. Ray drove us both ways and we enjoyed the tour and tasting. We even bought a bottle of their rum to have with our Rum & Cokes.

After the tour we stopped at the Cracker Barrel for "linner". Their food is consistently good and we enjoyed entrées from their low carb menu. Finally back to Laughlin before dusk and Happy Hour.

We'll be heading on in the morning. Thanks Ray & Cathie for another memorable stay...

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