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Today we got up super early to head out on a train 3 hours south west of Dublin to the beautiful little city of Cork, home of the Blarney Castle and the famous Blarney Stone. No we did not kiss the stone as we have heard stories of people peeing on it!! Yuck. We are now on a train to Killarney where we will spend the next 4 nights. During the next few days we have tours booked to see the Ring of Kerry, which is a western county and looks amazing in the pictures; so full of lush, green forests and right on the coast. Friday we head out to the Dingle Pininsula (I love saying that name) and then Saturday the Cliffs of Moher. Many picutres will follow of the scenery we are about to see over the next few days. I have heard it's some of the most beautiful in Ireland.

It's now been a few hours since I wrote this first paragraph on the train to Killarney. We just got back to the hotel after a terrific meal. Killarney is the cutest town. It actually reminds me a lot of Banff except older and smaller. It's a tourist town that thrives in the summer and dies down in the winter though. The 3 of us had a great dinner at a pub (of course) and laughed so hard my belly ached and think we all cried some tears of laughter. It's not my story to tell but one of the reasons we laughed so hard is we recounted our first day here, Monday with Helen attempting to turn on the shower. You'll have to ask her for the details though!!



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