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yes yes, I know...I don't leave until August but why does it feel it's so soon. I wish I could have one extra month before I leave. 2 months seem too soon for me, I have not prepared myself physically for this journey. Yesterday, I was going to ride my bike to work, but then the wind was pretty gnarly so I decided not to but I am determined to ride my bike to work today. I kinda gave up on hiking around ridgecrest. First of all, I am damn scared of snakes and from what I have heard that the snakes are out for this season, I really don't want to step on any snakes and get bitten..I know I'm ridiculous when it comes to snakes...I REALLY HATE SNAKES! or what if, the snake follows me around and once I'm on the top of the hills, it bites me cos it knows I couldn't get help?!

Anyway, I'm going to pick up a few things for the children next week at my dentist. He wants to donate toothbrushes for the kids. I was going to buy few things for the kids from here but I figured it's best to buy things once I'm in Nepal. less baggage and helping the locals doesn't sound too shabby either.

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