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Who you lookin' at?

Parked in the KOA in Charleston, South Carolina

This fellow says his new tires were $8,000. Wow.

A newer version of our motorhome, giving me some good repainting ideas.

Our West Virginia friend Steve Weaver is parked right around the corner.

Reading a very old book, "War and Peace", using very new technology.

March 21, 2011: We woke up this morning in the KOA Campground a few miles West of Charleston, South Carolina, pulling in here late yesterday afternoon. Our friend Steve Weaver from West Virginia was waiting for us by the campground office, along with his yellow laborador Austin. I do Steve's aircraft sales website for him at , he's been selling and flying airplanes all of his adult life, spending the Summer and Fall in West Virginia, then migrates South with his 5th wheeler to visit friends and family, staying warm in the process. Check his website, I'm kind of proud of it.

Naturally, our cocker spaniel Nuggie had to let Steve's big laborador know who the boss was. What is it with small dogs? They don't seem to have fear of bigger animals, or at least don't show it.

The weather here is darn-near perfect, 72.9° according to the outside thermometer, slightly overcast, with a prediction of 85° on Wednesday, when we'll be pulling out and heading down to visit Hazel's aunt in Jacksonville, Florida.

Steve came over to our motorhome last night with a welcoming bottle of Cognac, we all had barbequed pork riblets, beans, and baked potatos for dinner, and watched the movie "Amelia" about aviator Amelia Earhart, on the 26" flat screen television,(Steve doesn't own a television, says he doesn't like furniture that looks back at him). Between the two of us, the bottle of Cognac went back to Steve's 5th wheeler half empty. I gave Steve a bottle of Princeton Scotch to take with him on his journeys this Spring. The stuff is made in Scotland, shipped to Minnesota in stainless steel tanks, where it is bottled in our hometown. The operation is huge and low-key. When you see a stainless steel milk truck heading down the highway near Princeton, it is probably hauling whiskey.

Because of a vodka shortage in Russia, where 75% of adult males die drunk, millions of gallons of the stuff is shipped there every year from Minnesota. Is that a good thing?

Hazel is reading "War and Peace" on her Kindle, Nuggie is taking another nap, and I'm catching up on my emails and this travel blog. Later, Weaver and I will jump in his truck and check-out the local Walmart and hardware store for some needed items, and the rest of the day will just be wasted. Tomorrow, we'll head to downtown Charleston and soak up some history.

The other night, I had a dream that I was still working in the banking business, my boss was being a jerk, and I woke in a cold sweat. Being retired and here in this nice campground is definitely more enjoyable.

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