The Olivetts in Peru 2010-2011 travel blog

VW Bug in Cusco (photo by VIn)

Viva El Peru (photo by Vin)

Glass (photo by Vin)

Tambomachay (photo by Tony)

Spring fall - Tambomachay (photo by Tony)

Looking down on Tambomachay (photo by Vin)

Puka Pukara (photo by Tony)

Roundhouse (photo by Vin)

Saqsaywaman (photo by Tony)

Doorway (photo by Jen)

Cusco - Plaza de Armas

Looking down on Cusco (photo by Tony)

Saqsaywaman & Cusco (photo by Tony)

The Olivetts up high (photo by a Frenchman named Vincent)

Saqsaywaman - one of the upper tiers (photo by Vin)

Looking down at Saqsaywaman Fortress (photo by Tony)

Slide (photo by Tony)

Looking up at the slide (photo by Vin)

Tony going down (photo by Vin)

A model working the ruins - 30 cents a picture (photo by...

Steps (photo by Vin)

Cracking Up (photo by Tim)

On the path back into Cusco (photo by Jen)

Cusco on the Mountain (photo by Tony)

In the courtyard at San Cristobal (photo by Vin)

Alpaca (photo by Tony)

Chefs at work - Cicciolina Restaurant in Cusco - yummmm (photo by...

Vinny: We took a bus up the mountain and it started pouring. Then we saw the Incan bath ruins of Tambomachay and it kept on raining. We walked by an old Incan resting place (Puku Pukara), and it kept on raining. Then we walked down the mountain and it kept raining. We stopped at an Incan fort called Saqsaywaman and the raining stopped. We slid down a huge rock then we walked all the way down the mountain into Cusco and it started to rain again but we made it to a restaurant for dinner just in time.

Tony: Fort Sexy Woman, which is perched high above cusco was built by the incans some time a long time ago. The walls along the sides of Sexy Woman were made of HUGE boulders perfectly fitted together. These walls were formed in a zig-zag pattern so that the attacker’s flanks were always exposed.

(Hiked 7.66 mostly rainy miles)


It’s summer and the rainy season in Peru – from December to February or March. Since Cusco is at such a high altitude (about 11,000 ft.), it makes doing anything at all difficult for the first few days because of the lack of oxygen. The hotel lobbies serve coca tea to help alleviate the altitude sickness – lightheadedness and headaches. Also at this elevation one is more prone to sunburn, because of the thin atmosphere. Our faces are sunburned already, and we’ve had very little sunshine – but lots of rain.

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