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We got here on Friday, June 18, 2010

Site 25.

The weather got so much better than it was in Standish Maine! We are enjoying sun and warmth, and what I have been waiting for, THE POOL! Wow! I love a good swim to cool off! Over all opinion of the campground is very good. Meaning the road to the pool is flat so it is an easy ride on the bike to get over there. The atmosphere is pleasant. Dogs are being good, sort of. Metro goes bonkers at the sight of another dog and that is kind of maddening. But we are working on his behavior.

I sure wish I had a moped though, or better yet, a small car to explore the N. Conway area. You miss so much when you are locked to a campground. But I will enjoy this time. Frank must be enjoying himself too as he is suggesting we head to Florida for the winter. I am all for that idea. Quarters are kind of cramped in a Class C motorhome, but the warmth of Florida is more than tempting.

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