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Our campground

We actually drove up to the top of this mesa

Spruce Tree House

The visitor center

At the museum

For our weaving friends

A very nice diorama

The canyon near the Cliff Palace

There were over 40 people on the tour

Cliff Palace

The ranger gave long talks

A kiva - a ceremonial space

The juniper wood is from 1200!

Juniper is insect proof and its twists make it strong

Chinks in the mortor keep it from cracking due to contraction

Nearly 100 people lived in the Cliff Palace

The natives put great stock in the moon and the stars

This is their observatory

An ancient record of the movement of the moon


Climbing up from the Palace


Back to the camp

There were 12 cows next door

Monday - Wednesday

From Durango, we went to Mesa Verde National Park in southwestern Colorado, where the Anasazi, or Ancestral Puebloans lived around 1000 AD or so. The park is vast, with lots of driving up to and around the mesas, but with some incredible ruins, still fairly intact, to view. The big disappointment was that the campground management had overbooked and would not, and could not, honor our confirmed and prepaid reservation! We found a good private campground just outside the park (and are getting a refund).

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