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Photo from Miranda to Elaine

Ready to Rock and Roll

Ready for first leg of journey

Leaving on a (West) Jet Plane

My new friend from West Jet

Grabbing some shut eye

Well, I must apologize for not updating the blog in the last little while but I have been very busy. My first task has been cracking the whip with Cory and Elaine to make sure that they got everything done, and the second has been trying to find the tap to shut off Elaine’s tears as she became extremely emotional as the trip got closer and so many people were sending good wishes, and the stress and pressure of getting ready to leave took a toll on her. I accompanied her to work on her last day, and it was amazing to witness as so many people came to say farewell. It was easy to see how touched she was that so very many people cared. One of her last customers of the day was Shannon who brought Elaine a picture drawn by her daughter Miranda. Please see the attached photos, as it was a fitting way to end the day. On Thursday night, it seemed the phone would never quit ringing with phone calls from family and friends wishing Cory and Elaine “Bon Voyage”.

But I can now confidently report everything on the list was done, and after a quick night’s sleep at Chris and Anne’s we left for Abbotsford airport at 5:00 am. Chris left to go to work at midnight and Anne drove us to the airport. This is the first time in four trips to Mexico that the two couples have not travelled together. But as the awesome friends that they are, they are making the sacrifice of staying home, and taking care of anything that Cory and Elaine have forgotten.

After a quick flight to Edmonton, we made our connecting flight to Cancun, arriving at 4:30 pm. Despite Cory’s initial thoughts of letting the adventure begin, and taking public transportation (bus) to our resort, the persuasive Mexican with the striking blue eyes convinced us that time was better spent in an air conditioned shuttle taking them directly to our resort, instead of making a connection in Playa del Carmen.

At 6:30 when we checked into the resort we were all in agreement that this was a wise decision and worth the $60.00 After checking into our ground floor, ocean front room, I had a rest in the room while they took off to go have dinner. Following dinner, they returned to the room, unpacked, and got ready for an early night.

I am certainly looking forward to tomorrow, when I will be able to scout out the resort in the daylight, and really start enjoying this trip. I am more than ready for a day of relaxation on the beach and maybe playing in the water a bit. I am also pretty sure that Cory and Elaine are also more than ready for a little R & R themselves.

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