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At our camp at Wonder Lake

Mosquito gear

Majestic Mt Mckiney

The camper bus

Early next morning, we took the camper bus to Wonder Lake Campground. The bus driver and several campers had very sharp eyes in spotting wildlife. Grizzlies, Moose, Dall sheep, Fox. The conversations with fellow campers were very lively and interesting. There was a couple who were amateur photographers. They talked about their time in Brooks campground where the grizzlies would catch salmon swimming upstream, at close proximity to humans. A young guy talked about his 6 month bicycle trip from Fairbanks, AK to the southern tip of South America. These stories/plans whetted out appetite for adventure.

We set up camp at Wonder lake on this overcast day. After that we went hiking for a couple of hours, and were greeted by swarms of mosquitoes. We had to get all our mosquito gear out - repellents and head nets. With the temperature dropping, a hot cup of coffee was all I wanted now. Voila ! I made a hot chocolate drink and it was bliss to sip the beverage while looking at the Denali range.

Later in the evening we debated as to which mountain was Mt Mckinley (Denali). The whole range was covered with clouds. We set the Alarm for 5 next morning and went to sleep. It is possible to rely on sunlight to wake you up because of the 23 hour day light. As I stepped out of the camp in the morning, I noticed skies had cleared up and Mt McKinley stood there in its full glory. It was much much higher than the ones we were betting on. In golden yellow, looming large over the rest of the mountains, it looked majestic.

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