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Yahoo !!! My first check hit the bank on Wednesday (Bob made sure I checked first thing in the morning... My dream was to spend it at the casino, but that was just one of those pipe dreams. I did get to use over half of it for an oil and transmission change for the RV, plus replacing the converter to run the solar panels!!! It appears Bob is going to be just as generous spending my checks as I've been spending his...

We got on the road about 1 pm Wednesday and drove the 115 miles to Deming, only having to climb one mountain. The view was spectacular when we crested it, but naturally I didn't have the camera up front with me. We drove by the edge of the White Sands on the way, and it was almost as great as when we were in the middle of it. I did get to use my Golden Age Passport for the park (the one Bob got me as a birthday present last summer when we were at Mt. McKinley/Denali in Alaska - he is such a romantic!).

We drove to an RV park that is about as far out in the boonies as our house at home. We drove 9 miles off the Interstate on this dinky county road, then turned by a huge milk farm with jillions of holsteins. Then drove 2.5 miles on a narrow gravel road. It made us think twice when we drove over the first cattle guard and the road got even narrower. Drove over 3 all together, and then had to open a big gate to get into the campground, but it is really a neat little place. The fence is to keep the free-range horses, cattle, etc. out. Around this area, everything is free range and you need to fence yourself in if you don't want critters roaming your yard. Last time we were here we had a wild white stallion run across the road in front of our car!

Our friends from Northern Wisconsin, Jim and Mary, got to Deming about an hour after we arrived, and we picked them up to go out to eat. Ate at a little Italian place and they had the most delicious potato soup in the world! We're about 15 miles/25 minutes east of Deming, but fairly close to the land we own out here. Boy has the town grown in the last 4 years - we didn't even recognize it! We'll go out exploring later today (it's 1:30 a.m. as I write this because I had caffeine for supper), and I'll put some pictures on later.

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