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Wat Arun Temple of the Dawn

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Better than an American Broom

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View from Dinner at the top

Hotel Pool in Krabi

So Antonio Andredea has got nothing on the local tuk-tuk drivers in Bangkok! We had our 'Temple Day' Yesterday around Bangkok and it started with about a half an hour cab ride for under 3 dollars to the first Grand Royal Palace. We went in with the throngs of tourists who mostly just wanted their pictures taken standing next to guards with very big guns. After fighting the masses through the temple of the Emerald Buddha, we walked down the river front to a boat ramp. This boat cost 3 Baht each( 10 cents) to cross this massive river that was congested with traffic and browner than any water I've ever seen in Jersey. There are also these things called Long boats which is a boat that is approx. 25 feet in length and powered by a V-8 Engine strapped in with tie-down straps to the back of these boats. They are loud and very fast. So after crossing the river we stopped in at Wat Arun (Temple of the Dawn) and climbed to the top up a grade that is probably 20 to 1(Really Steep).

After exiting and crossing back over the river, we had our first run in with a Tuk-Tuk. I have been told that you are supposed to barter with the drivers because they will try to rip you off, I said Kao Son Road for 75 Baht, he said 70 Baht..... He was so scared of my barganing prowess that he lowered my price to be spared the wrath. He Proceeded to take us on a ride that rivals any demolition derby. It is a three wheeler(which were outlawed for a reason) with no seatbelts, no exhaust and a drive that thinks blowing the horn will save you from 30 passenger Mercedes-Benz Buses. After working our way North to Kao Sahn Road, we walked down the road from one end to the other and had lunch at a turquoise hole in the wall and walked past the Bangkok water festival. My awesome wife is saying I write long winded sentences.... And that I should stick to converting Baht to dollars and leave the typing to her.

ANYWAY.... We had a very odd but romantic dinner alone at the top of our hotel watching a gecko eat bugs on the wall while we waited for the waiter to bring our food up from the 2nd floor(We were on the 14th floor).

Tuesday morning we woke up at the butt crack's butt crack of dawn to catch an hour long plane ride to the sleepy town of Krabi. The plane saves a 12 hour jaunt via bus where someone could be under the bus going through your stuff looking for valuables the whole time. We just checked into the Krabi Maritime Resort and Spa tat over looks the River and has a pond and a swimming pool but no swan-shapped paddle boats as promised. The plan is to stay here tonight and maybe tommorow night and then take a long boat out to sea and over to Dream Valley Bungallos on the beach at Ton Sai.

Love to you all and don't worry Travis and Rob, I got the Tuk-Tuk ride on tape so you can experience the rush!! Till then, Paul and Shawana

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