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Had a great stay in Cabo San Lucas. So good to see friends and family during the first part of our journey. Bit of home away from home. Ate at some great local spots while there and met lots of friendly folks. Left Tuesday morning at 6 a.m. for a 30 hour jaunt across the Sea of Cortez/Gulf of California to mainland Mexico. Port of call - Mazatlan. Journey was calm. We experienced 1 ft. swells and 2 knots of wind. Of course, this is not conducive to sailing, but it is quite pleasant for motorsailing. Arrived about noon but had to wait until 2p.m. to enter the harbor in Mazatlan as it is new and narrow. Therefore, it is dredged everyday. The men lunch from 1:30 - 3:00 daily, which allows for entrance into the marina.

We arrived tired as overnight passages can be a bit grueling with sleep deprivation even when the seas are cooperating. Cruise ships abound overnight as the passengers are in port all day and the ship travels all night to the next destination. We probably spot at least 6 ships nightly. Thanks to the AIS system we have on board, we can identify the name, direction and speed of oncoming ships which allows for easy hailing when necessary. Cool, huh?

Spent the day Thursday cruising all over Mazatlan, especially the downtown Centro district. It is undergoing a major renovation and is becoming a hot spot for culture and gathering. We spent some time at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. It was beautiful but in need of restoration, which they are about to undertake. Beautiful, faithful, proud, happy people here. Love to see it. Took a whirl through the centro market for produce and meats. Gotta love it! See the pics. Mike's favorite were the machaca ladies. The 3 of them were so sweet and proud to tell us that we found the best price in the whole market. The ladies were gonna buy all the machaca but allowed us to buy a half kilo before doing so. They informed us that machaca makes muey rico burritos! Also met a female doctor at lunch who is affiliated with Doctors Without Borders. Nice lady doing a great service throughout the world. Said she has worked everywhere in the world but Africa. She is based out of Seattle with the cutest little Schnoodle puppy that travels in her backpack (schnauzer & poodle mix). As much as we cuss healthcare in the U.S., she noted that the U.S. is still the best......though she added Brazil does great plastic surgery! At day's end we took a city bus. For 50 pesos each we rode for about 15 miles on Mr. Toad's wild ride. Bus drivers rule the roads in Mexico. Pedestrians have no rights and cars are really just in their way. We made it okay after we asked 5 different bus drivers if they were going to Marina Mazatlan.

Today was really the first day we just relaxed and caught our breath. By the way, did I tell you Mazatlan claims to be the shrimp capital of Mexico? Yeah, we are eating good again. Stay tuned, more to come in Mazatlan.....

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