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Cars last longer in the desert


Three of us trekies headed off to the Kartchner Caverns, Gail, Bonnie and Don. Sure was a good time to go, there were very few people visiting. These caves had been discovered 14 years before the public knew it. The two guys who found the caves wanted to be sure they would be protected and preserved for future generations. Finally it was taken over by the state and then opened to the public. After much discussion on which tour to take, there were two, we opted for the Rotunda/Throne Room Tour. Here we saw the discoverers' original trial, 45,000 year old bat guano, delicate formations and Kubla Khan, the largest column in Arizona. The thing that amazed us was how warm this cave is, average temperature 70 degrees with a 99% humidity. We thought it would be cold, so we bundled up, wrong. We are sorry we have no pictures, but cameras were not allowed in the caves, and the surrounding area wasn't of much interest. It was a very interesting tour.

FORT HUACHUCA (y-choo-ka)

Pellegrini's ventured forth to explore this old army base which is now an active base and the location of the Army Intelligence Training Center. The fort was established in 1877 as an outpost to fight the Indians and also to protect the trail from California gold to the east. It was in Apache country. The fort was also used to train the Buffalo Soldiers - black troops up through WWII. And during WWII nurses in the Army Corps received basic traing at Fort Huachuca. The fort has decommissioned periodically for a couple of years and then recommissioned. Many of the original buildings - barracks, housing and the parade ground are still being used. They have two museums; the US Army Intelligence Museum showing the history of Army Intelligence and many devicess used over the years; and The Fort Huachuca Museum giving the history of the Buffalo Soldiers and others who have served here.

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