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Suriname Worm

Huge Frog

Green Poison Arrow Frog (Phyllobates Vittatus) Male carries eggs on his back

venomous centipede

Hike to waterfalls

Telephone Tree 250 years old

Smallest frog in the world

"Natural" steps in the jungle


Large Toad

We decided on a jungle trip to a place called Brownsburg. It is a mountain in the rainforest overlooking a lake. We had a fantastic guide named Robyn who was very knowledgeable of plants and animals. He was able to look at any plant and tell us the medicinal properties of anything found in the rainforest. His specialty was frogs and snakes though, which Sisley and Ethan thrilled about. We saw thousands of leaf cutter ants at work, the very famous but hard to find poison arrow frogs. The Amer Indians use the poison of these frogs on the tip of their arrows for hunting their food. We had to be very careful handling the frogs though. Washing hands are key or we would be in danger of ingesting the poison ourselves. The male frog carries the eggs on his back. sisley and Ethan became experts at finding them in the forest. We also saw venomous centipedes, and the beautiful Blue Morpho Butterfly the colour of Lapis. And worms you've never seen. They were the size of small snakes. At night we saw a tarantula out of her nest hunting and the next morning we were introduced to the Labaria snake; an extremely poisonous snake. The people that work at the campsight found it at our campground. They had to kill it but left it in a bucket so that we could see it. It was more than 2 meters long. During the day we hiked through the rainforest. We were very careful with mosquitos, always,using insect repellent but apparently there aren't too many above 1000 feet in elevation.

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