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AVERAGE SPEED 23.1 km/hr


Another beautiful day - hot & sunny temperature a high of about 32 deg.

Continued travel along the Fraser Valley, on the north side of the Fraser River. The area is populated with prosperous farms. The ride is wonderful & we experience many wonderful smells of the countryside that one would not otherwise experience by car: the fabulous odour of cedar from the many cedar mills along the river, farm smells, new black asphalt in the hot sunlight, hay drying in the fields, etc . The valley farmland is so rich combined with the climate , the farmers will get 3 crops of hay every summer. This is the homeland of the Sasquatch - hence the Inn & Bar of the same name.

Many small towns along the way - very freindly and down home - note the upcoming Canada Day celebration.

As we travel west we start to get more rolling hills and we are gradually increasing in elevation as we head for Hope & the Coastal Mountains. About 40 kms into the day we experience a steep 11% downhill grade - a real rush as we travelled at speeds up to 75 kph ( I hit 69).

The joke du jour - at the bottom of the hill, as we collected for a break, someone mentioned that we had taken a wrong turn 5 kms back & that we would have to go back up the hill. That person is still with the tour.

We bypassed the side trip to Harrison Hot springs - no interest for the detour.

There is a constant & strong aboriginal presence throughout the Fraser Valley - native reserves, interpretative centers and communities.

After lunch we take a detour into Hope - the Chainsaw Carving Capital of Canada. (see pics) . Hope is at the end of the Fraser Valley - actually from the explorers point of view coming from the mountains , it is at the beginning of the Fraser Valley. I make a side trip to the Library to use the internet only to discover the library is closed on Mondays ! We are told it will be a challenge to access the internet regularly on our tour because of the small places that we stay at and also the fact the we are at campsites usually away from the centers of towns and any type of internet café.

Supper was interesting - prepared by the galley crew that are all vegetarians - couscous and marinated/fried tofu and of course lots of green salad. First time for tofu and couscous is not by favourite , but as Phyllis Diller once said , if you work them hard enough and make them wait long enough , they will eat anything. It was ok , & I will live & of course they say it is a good diet choice for the exercise that we are doing.

A very interesting collection of people .....

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