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Couple days before

thanks Rene for the ride

Great seats

Seoul on a cloudy day

Our first home in Bangkok

Hi everyone! We boarded the plane in Vancouver with minutes to spare, after going through US customs. Our flight to Seoul was great - watched 3 movies, and before we knew it we were there. The Seoul airport is quite beautiful. Flying in we could see the city-scape - many small mountain ranges and lots of tall apartment buildings in isolated aggregations. Might be nice to stop by here on our way home.

Bangkok - arrived at the Shanti Lodge at 3am in the dark - as there is very little light (except for a 7eleven on the corner). The lodge was very dark with just a few lights illuminating some beautiful shapes and colours. Lots of plants everywhere, the air thick with their aromas. Too dark to tell the layout of the place or its size. We were lead to our small room, and fell asleep to the sound of a fan.

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