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Sally in Red Square

St. Basil's Cathedral

Sally in the square

Lenin Mosouleum

Red Square

Train Station

Busy streets of Moscow

sally and i are in moscow now. we rode the train from yaroslavl and arrived yesterday morning. we checked into a hostel, and then went exploring. there are 14 million people here by day, 11 million by night (lots of people commute to work in the city). and it seems that every single one of them is in a hurry. we've been riding the metro (subway) to get around town. i feel like im in a movie when im down there. really, its just like it is on tv, but russian i guess. its a pretty cool experience, and a bit confusing trying to find our way from place to place. sally says it similiar to the subway systems in NYC and chicago.

last night, walking around town, almost by accident, we found ourselves plopped in the middle of red square in the town center. again, felt like i was in a movie. it was very cool. everywhere we look, there are remnants of the soviet state. hammer and sickle here, hammer and sickle there, everywhere a.... just on the edge of red square sits the Lenin Mosouleum. in this buidling lies Vladimir Lenins body, preserved since his death in 1924. he is the man responsible for bringing the socialist state into being, seizing everyones assets, making everyone equal, taking their rights. we plan to go a view his body today or tomorrow. wed also like to hit up some museums.

we leave for china tomorrow night. it will take us six days to reach beijing. this is an interesting city, but three days in moscow is plenty for me. sally feels the same way.

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