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The orchids in the restaurant being watered

With intentions of meeting Lana and Ed for breakfast, they beat me to the punch. I was laying in bed watching a bit of a stupid movie (it had that Simpson sister in it), fully waking up, and my phone rang.

It was Lana letting me know that they were up there waiting for me. What the! It was only 7.15am and they hadn't gotten there yesterday till after 8am. Oh well, I had said that I wanted to so in the shower for me.

I arrived and they had already eaten so I grabbed some juice, put it on the table but before I could go get some food, Lana asked if I could just sit and talk for a bit first. Alrighty then. Ed started talking about Solar energy and how it's good for a place as hot as here and that burning the wood which then leaves behind charcoal which smells bad, is not great.

I was getting worried and just hoped that my occasional look at other people didn't have 'help me' written all over my face. I was starting to think they were going to hit me up for a donation. They are church people so it wasn't out of the question.

Lana got up to get me some fruit and came back with some watermelon and a banana saying they didn't have much fruit today. I found out later that there was actually a lot more types and there was plenty of pineapple.

They didn't stop talking but then asked me what my plans for today was. I let them know that I was taking the 2pm bus to Danang. I wanted to go to China Beach and maybe get something for a friend. Ed, as it turns, is a war vet so his natural defence of the American's involvement, and the fault going to Vietnam solely, was coming to the front.

It's not a convo that Lana wanted to get into. She has obviously heard it many times before. It wasn't my war and I have no rights to comment on it as I wasn't personally affected by it. However I do think that I am entitled to an opinion. Let's just say that if it was a fair war, one that was only fought with the weapons of that country, there would have been far less deaths and less ramifications through the generations.

Moving on, I went back to my room after they left for a few things they had to get done before a flight out. It's why they were there so early. I packed up my stuff and headed down to the reception to check out. They double checked that I was telling the truth about not having touched the mini bar (they all do) and gave me the bill. They didn't have change which was odd an asked me if I could wait 10 minutes for them to get my 60,000 Dong change. No problem at first but after 50 minutes I went back to the desk and insisted. It's not much in reality but they seemed to be hoping that I would forget. Not likely. Good service gets tips, not greedy service.

Check out was at noon so I had 2 hours to wait till my bus arrived. I killed the time by reading an English paper and catching up with a guy that was on the bus to here. We headed out to the bus when it arrived and loaded up. It was pretty empty so is pick your spot.

The ride to Danang takes only an hour and goes by pretty quick especially as you are watching the scenery go by. It was the first time I was not dropped at a hotel and instead dropped at the booking office. Crap. A guy came up and told me he worked there and it was his job to get me to a hotel. He seemed nice enough and we had a laugh.

The Danang Hotel was across the road and I said I would go there. On the way he diverted me to a small café/diner which also had rooms. I agreed to have a look. I figured he got kick backs from it. Well the room smelt musty and was the same price as the last place but not as pretty. However it was huge with all the main things like fridge, TV, air con and linen.

It was run by an American ex vet and his Vietnamese family. There were pictures all over the wall of MIA's and POW's. Groups of people that I think were some of those that spend time looking for the bones of the American's that died. Of course they only find Vietnamese as American's weapons killed thousands of them. I kind of like that he stayed though and seems a good guy. Although the young girl called him her husband which left an odd look on my face. He corrected her and said that he was her father. I said that I hoped so as she is so young.

A bad thing though was when I went to wash my hands in the sink, the water was horrid. It smelt badly of bore water. Glad I have the hand disinfectant. I had to spray the room as the smell permeated. The bathroom also had the poor man's shower like the cheap places. Of well no washing in a bathtub for me.

I arranged for Tang, the guy who bought me here, to take me on a tour tomorrow on his bike. I want to see China beach and for $5 he could take me around and show me several things. I could probably get it cheaper but I didn't haggle.

I went for a walk around the local area to find some cans of coke as it's always cheaper than in the hotel. As I was walking back to the hotel, I passed by the same guy that was enjoying a drink at the diner. He asked me if I had a moment to sit and talk. Why not? However I did lie and say that I didn't drink when he asked if I wanted a beer. He was a local who just wanted a chat and had the usual questions such as my age. It's a big deal to them. It's yet to be explained to me why, but if given the chance, they always ask me.

So back in my room I sat, in awe of the multitude of English speaking TV shows. Best I have come across for a while. Pity about the Australian channel though. Nothing good on let alone interesting. Pity the footy wasn't on!

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