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Bon Leaving Michael's

Mari & Michael

Sunset From Plane to Perth

Sunset in an Alleyway Near Michael's in Seminyak


Via Peramatour shuttle bus. Great views of the mtns. and glimpses of 2 lakes which help feed agriculture and people of Bali. Bus didn't go direct, stopping in Ubud where I read a recent newspaper that indeed there were fires on the mtn. last week, so the black we saw was not from the last volcanic eruption of 50 years ago but recent fires due to drought. The rainy season is late in coming as it has been everywhere we've been...India, Nepal, Sikkim, Bangladesh, Myanmar, all have been dry and hot!

Bus dropped us on the edge of Legian district and we walked for an hour to get to Mari's friend Michael's place in Seminyak. Major sweating all the way.

Good to meet Michael and see Mari again, they arrived from Mari's massage (she loves her massages!) just a few minutes after we got there. Bon had hoped to do X-rays and get them off to Dr. Bose today but catching up, chatting, etc the rest of the pm ate up that idea. Michael's work requires him to be awake midnight to 6 am so he's off to sleep by 7ish. The place has a small swimming pool which I took advantage of...nice!

If You Want to Stay At Michael's Villa Aqua

If You Want to Stay At Michael's Villa Aqua


The sound of rain woke me otherwise the full moon celebrations did not bother my sleep (earplugs work wonders). First rain since we arrived in Indonesia. After some discussion as to priority...we ended up at the internet, then the grocery store, and then most of the rest of the afternoon going to hospitals (2) to get Bon's X-rays done and sent off to Dr. Bose.


Most of the day at the internet....


Leave Michael's place in Bali...taxi to airport then fly to Perth...big temperature adjustment!

In Perth:

At airport we attempt to decide on where to go. Bon had checked online for possible accommodations and only came up with one, Marracoonda Motel near the airport with to/from shuttle pickup. A very helpful fellow outside the terminal called this Motel and we ended up going although it cost us $191 AUD for a 'family suite'! The fellow said our only other alternative would be a taxi to perhaps cheaper places but this would cost +/-$40 AUD into town & back (we only have one day here), savings alone on transport made Marracoonda our 'best' choice. For $66 AUD each we anticipated a pretty posh digs...well, let's just say it barely measured up to a cheap Motel 8 in the states but without complimentary breakfast!

Our first taste of Australia opened our eyes wide to a major budgetary hurdle. This place is EXPENSIVE!


A day in/around Perth

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