Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Working light house

The shore it guards

Old 36

Former Coast Guard barracks

The boardwalk


Not a good day for sailing

Ready to fly

Koos # 2 Tug exhibit


But very pretty

Like a post card

Those are sea lions

Look closely, white ones

They were all over these rocks

Another nice campsite

Dune walk

While it was misting and lightly raining the weather channel on my phone said 10% rain chance and partly cloudy. Guess that 10% followed us around all day. BUT we still had a great day on the Oregon coast. Our destination was Coos Bay (just sounds neat). On the way we stopped at a light house run by the US Coast Guard with a marvelous county run museum. We drove to Coos Bay and headed right to the water for lunch on a floating local seafood place (just two tables and we had one). Except for the weather the scenery was wonderful. Then we walked the boardwalk and learned all about Coos Bay's history. Next we went to the ocean side and drove the highway along the water to an overlook with a view of a remote light house. Then a little further up there was another overlook and here we found all the sea lions that were not in the cave the other day! There must have been a couple of thousand of them. All different varieties of seals. Very interesting that they stayed together by species. Shirley gave me a new set of super binoculars for my birthday and man did they come in handy. We did not want to leave. But we did and headed further south and found another Oregon State Park for the night. These parks are just wonderful. We back up to the biggest ocean sand dune we have ever seen. Wide, paved secluded spot with hook ups, $20. Very nice. Enjoy the pics.

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