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All set up at the county park in Scappoose, tv but no...

One of our neighbors!

Football seems to have their full attention! LOL

Sara giving me a tour of her beautiful new home...

Looking down into her living room...nice decorating girl!

Judy and I look pretty darn good for '60's children, don't you...

We arrived at 'football Sunday' around noon, two hours late apparently! A time was never discussed so we assumed noon would be about right. Not so when we were supplying the Bloody Mary's, LOL...Our Mary's are hot & spicy made from a secret family recipe (well, sort of secret!). I'm not much of a drinker but do enjoy one of these occasionally. Usually not in the mornings though! If I do indulge it's usually a 'girlie' drink, you know, a pina colada or mai tai or strawberry margarita. Something like that. Or an occasional glass of wine. Good for the heart.

Judy had prepared tons of snacks. She has a wonderful garden and there was a great veggie platter. With chips and dips, salsa, cheeses etc etc. The guys were already deeply involved in the game so it gave Judy, Sara and I time to do some catching up. Sara gave me some tips on using Facebook more effectively so I guess I'll try checking in once in awhile. I checked out David's Ipod and found some great music, so downloaded it to my computer. I used his WI-if and caught up on a few e-mails. It was nice to have service for a minute or two! We are still struggling to get Internet on our new satellite since returning to the states. Larry's working on it so hopefully it will be repaired in the next day or two.

Later in the afternoon I prepared dinner, with a lot of help I might add. I prepared enchilada casserole, with beans and rice of course. Sara made a wonderful salad and banana pudding for dessert. It was just a laid-back, comfort food kind of a day. I think the guys watched 4, count'em 4, football games! A new record for my honey! All too soon it was time to head back to the ranch. We are pulling out in the morning, headed for the coast. It's been wonderful visiting with our old friends. One of the special perks of a traveling home! Time to move out to see the kids now. We'll see you on down the road!

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