Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Here are some 7 month statistics from our trip to all who are interested.

Nights- 218

Miles- 20,664

Fuel- $6,871

PPG- $3.959 (ave) Hi $5.00 Canada, $4.299 NY, Low$3.669 Tennessee

Gal- 1735.5

MPG- 11.91 (ave) Hi 14.3 Low 9.5

Lodging- $4060

Per Night- $18.62

Lodging Savings- $880.50 (Includes Passport America, Good Sam, and Golden Age. Cost of these to us $60) Net savings $840.50

Fun- $2480

Fun Savings- $439 (coupons, gift certificates, senior, etc)

Notes: We have had 42 nights where there were no charges for lodging. The vast number of them were either camping in friends/ relatives driveways or staying with friends/relatives. There were 7 nights that my father paid for the camping when we toured NY State together. There also are nights where we have stayed in Walmart parking lots (4). And two nights of fee free campgrounds. We also took an Alaskan tour for 12 nights. However we did store our camper at a cost which is factored in. The cost of the Alaska trip is not included in our averages since this trip was paid for in advance. The most we have paid for a campground is $55 at Stone Mtn. Georgia and Cape Cod. We stayed in one hotel (tornadoes) with a cost of $96 which is factored into our per night costs.

Shirley has spent 38 days out of the camper and I have spent 24. The majority is our Alaska trip and staying with friends/relatives in their homes. Shirley also spent 7 nights with my step mother while Dad and I camped in NYS. And 7 nights with Jeanne Orilio in her camper.

We also have spent 50 nights with our friends Don and Jeanne Orilio. Of those Don and I camped together for 7 nights and Jeanne and Shirley camped together in different parts of Georgia. 12 of the nights were camping at their RV resort in Florida. We have met them in Florida, Georgia, Tennessee and the Pacific NW/BC/Alaska. During that NW trip we were together for 28 days.

We are having the most terrific/wonderful time of our lives and the truck and camper are exemplary.

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