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Nancy talking to Ray and Arlene

Beautiful day at South Beach campground

Whale sighting thru the 200mm telephoto lense

Whale sighting from South Beach campground

Whale spouting

Surfer heading back in after a nice ride

Beach Patrol plane

More spouting near shore

Whale sighting

Whale sighting

Whale sighting

Whale sighting

Fisherman unaware of the whale not far from him

Whale sighting

Ray and I heading out to surf fish

Ray fishing, me holding the bait, and Arlene taking pictures

It was brought to our attention by Ray and Arlene who are camped next to us that there are whales right out in front of the campground, so out came the camera and telephoto lense. We took a bunch of pictures, only a few of which showed much of anything. There were two of them from what we could tell and they hung around most of the day not that far off shore. No great head or tail shots, but lots of shots of them spouting and a few with some of the whales actually showing.

They come by here each year, I'm told, on the way to Baja for the winter, and are California Gray whales per Ray and Arlene who have been visiting this campground for many years.

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