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The view from the roof top

The weather coming in

Nice spot to hang out

Leaving Dalat has to be easier than arriving. Well it probably would have been if I had gotten more sleep. I hardly slept a wink of the three hours I had before the alarm went off. I was half tempted to tell reception to alter my booking for the next day so I could sleep in.

So on the mini bus I got which transferred me to the main bus down the road. Tom showed up to help with my luggage. Nice guy. I got on the bus very aware that I hadn't had breakfast and was very hungry. This is when I miss muesli bars. There was a restaurant but they didn't serve anything quick so I went without.

The Asian couple from the tour arrived but unfortunately were travelling on the other bus heading the other way. Pity as I liked them and found that for the first time, I kept to myself on the trip and didn't socialise. Then again, I was slightly hung over and bloody tired.

The trip down the mountain was quite a view but our bus pulled up for a food stop at very conveniently located stalls at a beautiful spot. I wasn't in condition to deal with full on assault of begging for you to buy from them so I stayed in the bus. I justified not getting the shot to myself by reminding myself of all the good photo's I already have.

Our driver was much more saner but I think it had something to do with it being a bigger bus and he couldn't fang it around the corners as much as he would like. After what seemed forever, we got closer to Nha Trang. The entrance is all in the process of having wonderful gardens developed that really make it look good.

We arrived at the hotel and it wasn't the name I was expecting. I didn't care. I needed a bed to crash in. I didn't ask to see the room and just told them that I was staying which they were very happy about. A customer that wouldn't be hard work to convince to stay and not look for cheaper elsewhere.

The room I eventually got has a balcony that over looks the ocean on the third floor, room 301. No 2 made me worry a little. It shouldn't and to believe it would be superstitious but 2 has done me well so we will see when I get tripped up. The room was great though.

It's a strange hotel. I was taken up on the elevator to one room but as he realised that would be best left for two people he took me up to the 5th floor where there is a rooftop sitting area (with great views). We then walked down some stairs back to the 3rd floor which had no elevator...what the!!! It had two halves I guess. Mine did not have the elevator. The guy went back downstairs and bought up my luggage, with another's help. I wasn't ready so didn't get to tip. Felt bad although they didn't seem to want one...but kind of looked like they would have appreciated it! Will have to make up for that.

So I am pretty happy with my situation and glad that I have once again been put into a hotel that is very nice and cheap. Full on service and all the bells and whistles for only $10. When the guy told me, as I had already accepted the room before asking the price, he acted surprised that I didn't baulk at the price. If he only knew!

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