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Views were spectacular and the drive down to the lake edge revealed a very unique sight. See Photos. Villages along the shoreline growing large gardens of veggies - cabbage, tomatoes, peppers, and onions mostly. The other surprise export from here according to our driver, Andy, is sand! Truck after truck, Bon counted 24 just on our way back up to the caldera rim. Andy said he thought it was used in construction but I think also being rich in minerals it may be used as a soil amendment. We went as far as we could both directions without actually going to where they were mining sand although, we did get to the other tourist spot by the lake, a hot springs. Saw lots of abandoned house foundations as well...Andy said the government forced them to move due to volcanic activity or ??!!

The villages along the lake shore are only accessible by boat and our driver said they do not bury their dead but lay them at the base of special trees. Andy said they do not smell because of some reaction with the tree that prevents this?!

On the way back we stopped at Bali's highest (266 steps, 1745 m.) temple, Pura Puncak Penulisan. Super view of the Singaraja coast, though there were considerable clouds today. See Photos. The ride up was quite slow because we got behind a truck hauling bags of rice - Andy said Balinese do not feel they have eaten a meal until they have had rice. The return was quite fast, almost like a slalom run down the hairpin bend road until we got near the bottom. There the traffic was thick with temple worshipers = tomorrow is the full moon and Eid al Adha Wiki Info Eid al Adha festival which requires all Muslims to go to temple. Each village is assigned a different time during 72 hours so as not to mess roads up with too much traffic all at once. Since most of the roads here on Bali are only two lanes, jams occur frequently.

Everywhere we saw lots of evidence of preparations with great bamboo poles displaying symbols of a Balinese story, the fight between good and evil - dragon of Bali and gambling wise man of Java which ultimately caused the 2 islands to be separated.

All in all a wonderful outing - doubly so since there were just the two of us and we could stop or not for photos, etc. without having to deal with other pesky tourist types of which there were plenty up on top, ha! Again, Peramatour came through with flying colors!

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