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Coming into Seattle on Interstate 5....

We've decided not to stop, so this is all I'll get to...

Olympia was beautiful, the capital of course, wanted to see this capital...

Good news! After searching and searching they finally located a bad wire affecting our trailer brake control system. They never actually saw the bad wire, but after running a new one the problem seems to be fixed. After Googling our issue, we discovered there are lots of folks having this same or a similar issue. The trailer disconnect/fault light would intermittently come on and the brakes would fail, sometimes for 5 seconds and sometimes for 5 minutes. It seemed to do it most coming down 10% grades, not good! However, it might also occur on the interstate. In fact, it happened over a dozen times driving the 8 miles or so to the repair shop! About 50% blame Ford, and the others blame the trailer manufacturer. We have a new plug (in fact we have 2) so that wasn't the problem. And Larry had checked all the connections near the hitch. No problem there. We spent a lot of time on the phone with Dexter, the company that makes our axles and now know more about how our brake system works. The wiring to the magnets (yes, magnets!) was in good shape. Unlikely that the wiring running through the axles would go bad. So, by process of elimination they decided to pull a new blue (positive) wire and presto, seemed to do the trick. We have an Arctic package (closed bottom) and so cosmetically it is tough to diagnose a problem happening inside without going to the manufacturer. So we feel fortunate that this RV dealer's service department found our problem. We also replaced the seals and brake pads so all is well.

Bottom line, we have traveled over 200 miles today and everything worked beautifully! Hurray, it was a tense first few minutes. There are a ton of mountains to cross between here and Nevada. And my honey doesn't need to stress anymore than he already has. And just to let you know, the new toilet works beautifully so my window is safe!

It was a gray dreary day as we made our way south on Interstate 5. Traffic was heavy in the Seattle area. We would have liked to stayed at least overnight to do a bit of exploring but we've lost too much time recently to dally much. Winter feels like it is getting closer and closer. As we passed through Olympia I was very sad that we weren't able to spend a day or two there as well. The colors were amazing and we caught just a glimpse of the state capitol through the trees. Would loved to have seen it up close and personal. But, it was drizzling and cloudy so it made it a bit easier to continue on. We decided to just push on and see how far we could comfortably get before dark. We wound up driving all the way down near the Portland area.

We have friends in the area we will be spending the next couple of days with. Jim & Pat resided in Vegas for many years before moving to Kalama, Washington. And my best friend from high school Judy and her hubby David live just across the river in Scappoose, Oregon. So we are now in a state park in Scappoose for the weekend. We plan to do some sight-seeing with Jim & Pat on Saturday. Perhaps Mount St Helen's, I'm not sure. Depends on the rain I think. Jim calls it liquid sunshine! And Sunday will be 'football' Sunday at Dave & Judy's. It will be so good to see them all!

We plan to then head west to the coast on Monday morning, continuing south on Pacific Coast Hwy 101, one of the most beautiful drives in the world. Will probably arrive in Brookings on Thursday to spend a week or so with our family. One of our favorite parts of the country. The California redwoods are just a stones throw away and of course, Harris Beach is one of the best spots on earth!

Our Internet service has been very spotty the past few days. Not sure if it is being affected by all of the heavy cloud cover. We called Motosat on Friday to see if satellite 91 was still a good one to be on in this area. We changed satellites just before entering Canada. We thought perhaps we needed to change again, but they say this satellite should be working here just fine. Our dish searches for awhile and then locks on. The TV comes in well, but no Internet! I guess we'll pursue it when we get settled for a few days and have blue sky. So hang in there, we'll post when we have service! Have a great weekend....

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