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the "Niagara"

checking out another anchor

watched El Galleon getting underway

Docent demonstrating the tiller... No wheelhouse here

Not much head room below decks

seamen's sea bags... included hammocks for sleeping. Hot bunking was a necessity

The wardroom/surgical table

"deck prism" brings in an astonishing amount of light

Officer's stateroom... pretty meager, but still better than what the seaman had...

O. H. Perry's famous quote

Tools of the wooden ship building trade... reminds me of the time...

... lost my cork screw and was forced to survive on food...

Bow section of the USS Michigan (AKA Wolverine), first totally iron US...

Went to the Maritime Museum which is home to the "Niagara". This is a reproduction of the ship that Oliver H. Perry transferred his flag during the Battle of Lake Erie (War of 1812)... His original flag ship the "Lawrence" was sunk by the British. From there he led his fleet on to victory... the British subsequently abandoned the Great Lakes area and finally "gave up the fight" to concentrate on battling Napoleon.

Interesting ship: no wheel, just a rudder. shallow draft necessitated having low overheads (had to bend over while below decks).

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