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Going by way of Canada avoids Chicago traffic, and is much more...

My son Glenn's driveway in Nashua, New Hampshire

George, who lives across the street, came over to say hello.

The mecca of Nashua, the state-owned liquor store with no sales tax...

Check out these prices.

The neighbor's tree was blocking the Dish Network satellites.

The scenery on this trip has been amazing, compared to our usual route around Chicago and east on tollways below the Great Lakes, this northern route was much more interesting, and almost exactly the same distance. We'll do this again, but spend much more time doing it, stopping to see the sights along the way.

The last 200 miles through Vermont and into New Hampshire took us over the mountains, rising from a 500 feet above sea level to passes at around 1300 feet. A couple of the grades were pretty amazing, in all of our mountain driving out West, I don't recall any 10% grades, but we had a couple, complete with "runaway truck lanes".

Arriving at our son's home mid-afternoon, as soon as I was parked, hooked up and leveled (a few years ago Glenn had a 30 amp box installed for our motorhome), Glenn, his wife Mei, and our two grandchildren Will and Kelly, and Hazel and I headed for a local restaurant for a good meal. My daughter-in-law grabbed the check, but we'll make up for it this week by barbequing some Bison steaks and burgers I brought along for the occasion, and, I'm sure, several other motorhome-cooked meals. With two teenagers into every activity, meals and meal preparation is pretty quick for this younger generation of soccer moms and dads.

The weather here is sunny and warm during the day, in the 60's, with nighttime temperatures approaching freezing. Can snow be far behind?

Next week: off to Virginia to visit our son Tom and his family near Washington, DC.

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