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Harlem, Georgia at the Laurel & Hardy Museum



The rail line here is still in use

Fantastic mural on the side of an obscure building

Everything in this town is about Laurel & Hardy

Country side along the way



A little history of the rail station in Columbia

Train station

The capital of S.C. called the State House

Cathedral down the street

Great war memorial

Closer look at war memorial

Great lighted columns

Loved this photo



Spectacular spiral staircase in the library


The state seal is unusual because it is different on each side

Beautiful hydrangeas everywhere

The magnolias are also in bloom

Good exhibits at the Museum

The state tree

Printing equipment of another day

First stop today was the little town of Harlem, GA to visit the Laurel & Hardy Museum. The town is really small and so is the museum. It is a little off the beaten path. These two comics are part of our american history, but I would not have gone out of my way. This town is trying to stay alive with the fact that Oliver Hardy was born here. His father died the same year he was born. Soon after, mother and son moved to Milledgeville and never returned to Harlem, GA

We stopped for lunch in Columbia, SC. We only had an hour which barely gave us time to find a restaurant and them maybe look around a little. We hate in a restaurant that was in the original train station, but there was very little still resembling the original train station. Way too rushed.

Next stop was the Capital of South Carolina and the museum. This was very unexpected. The details of the itinerary handed out by our tour guide is becoming a little bit less than desired. Not enough detail at all. We thought we would be seeing the Capital in Georgia, but had no glue we would be seeing the Capital in South Carolina. The capital was wonderful, but I will have to visit it again so JC gets a change to see it. The tour was quite good. I am always amazed how enthusiastic and informed the volunteers are that give these tours.

The opportunity to see this museum was special because it had a special traveling exhibit of some of the Titanic artifacts. The exhibit was well worth the stop. No photography was allowed. The presentation was really interesting.

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