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In Gilis and Lombok, tons of horse taxis! Almost as many as motorbikes...NOT! But lots just the same. Actually, at one point I counted over a half hour period and the motorbikes passing by outnumbered all other vehicles 3.5 to 1.

Still on Gili Air...

I woke up at dawn, dead calm for a change and watched the swallows darting all around catching breakfast. Fascinating birds, we watched them at dusk as well, although there may have been some bats mixed in they all move so fast! We said our good-byes to our hosts at Villa Kombokafter early breakfast, then to the 8am ferry. I highly recommend staying with them, nice folks and good breezes!

To Padangbai...

Ferry-bus-ferry was uneventful although our bus/shuttle between ferries farted around so much we thought we might not make the 2nd ferry...made it by 10 minutes. In Padangbai we checked out several places ending at Serangan Inn II only because the fellow said it was just a '5 minute walk' but ended up quite a distance given the heat/humidity. Room had plenty of air/breeze so lack of light (Bon's pet peeve) not as significant a drawback. Being hot and sticky did enter in as well, ha!

In Indonesia we've come to distrust everything anyone tells us because too many times they're lying just to get $$, really sad and disappointing for them and us since there are many very nice Indonesians we've met when money was not on the table for any reason.

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