Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Long shot of the mill

Early Methodist building

Presbyterian Church

River run moved the turbine

The "dyein'" boys

Machinery worked!

Original floor and machines. Imagine the noise as late as 1962!

Making the fabric


The Mill

Pretty boy

Great exhibit!!

It may be getting boring to y'all but this was ANOTHER great day! After waking up at the Walmart parking lot we went into Salem OR to do some everyday chores. Banking, drug store, fuel. Then we went to the Mission Mill which had an incredible campus. The highlight was the Thomas Kay Woolen Mill. This is a mill that was in use from the mid 1800's until 1962. Man o' man, when we walked into sections of the mill the machinery actually started up! They made woolen items for generations. WWII probably had a drab green blanket made from these people with US printed on it. There were also quilts made from women on the Oregon Trail hanging in an exhibit. On the grounds were 4 (relocated) buildings from the "white man's" coming to Oregon. After Lewis and Clark, the Methodist evangelists came to "convert" the Indians. This proved to be a mistake as the Indians did not care about their "god" or their farming methods. However, after the goal failed the settlers evolved into education and government. As the wagon trains began to arrive, there was already a form of stability. We stayed for 3 hours then pulled into our campground around 4 PM. Nice place and half price. Enjoy the pics.

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