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Wiki Info Gili Meno

Snorkeling we saw 3 green turtles, a spotted ray, and lots of schooling fish but not a good reef in front of the boat landing. Hiked around the entire island...it is less developed but a couple big places on the windward side of the island have been just abandoned. A couple local fellows said they went bankrupt in 2004 and no one has maintained anything so nature is taking it's toll. The 'lake' in the middle where they're attempting a bird sanctuary is shrinking due to the dry season...wet season comes in Nov.-Jan. No birds. By the looks of it, Menos is doing it's best to catch up to the other two Gilis, although we didn't see Trawangan due to the schedule of the island hopping ferry.

Got our slow ferry tickets through to Padangbai (in Bali) for 150,000 ea (US $15) vs 300,000 for the fast one...7 hours vs 2 1/2 hours.

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