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It was a bit of a struggle getting out of bed today!!!

Our dorm

As you can see we didn't do a lot today! I pretty much spent most of the day in bed and Ozz went for a wander but I will let him tell you about that!.....

.....Em was asleep so I went for a wander down to the sea front. It is very cool and like what I imagine Venice Beach in Florida to be like (without being quite so "colourful"!!) I hung out down the beach for a while then had a look at a market that was there. While looking at some of the stalls I heard some American women talking behind me, when I turned around it was only blinking well Venus and Serena Williams! (surrounded by about 30 Japaneese tourists with cameras!)

Whilst Ozz was out and about Nat called me and asked if we would like to go to the first day of the Australian Open as she was in the queue getting tickets I said yes! I know nothing about Tennis but I knew Ozz wanted to go at some point!

So when he returned I told him the good news.....but him wasn't as excited as we thought he would be as he wanted to see Andy Murray (boohoo!!)but was still pleased that we were going.

Ozz then spent the rest of the afternoon watching cricket and we ended up staying up pretty late as we got talking to some guys in our room so made it to sleep at 2am......getting up at 7 am should be fun!!


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