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First stop after 6:30 breakfast, Pulau Moyo and waterfall! This island and small village near the waterfall exists on work for locals at a 5 Star Resort and tourists stopping to visit the waterfall as well as fishing. The waterfall was the most impressive part of our boat trip for me! Fresh water from artesian springs creates this wonderful phenomenon. I am very hopeful that it can be preserved in its natural state but this will only happen if the locals allow it to.

My thought is to help the local school teacher, Zainal Abidin, who is paid close to nothing as a teacher, thereby encourage the children to stay in school and learn about the importance of preserving their very delicate heritage i.e. the waterfall and its surroundings.

email: sdn2pulaumoyo@gmail.com OR badasvisatap@gmail.com

His phone is: 462-081339534156. If anyone who speaks/understands Indonesian reads this or wishes to help I'd appreciate hearing from you or if you can contact this teacher and explain what it is I am proposing I'd appreciate this even more. At the moment we have no phone or way of communicating easily since we are on the move constantly (no sure internet connect). Also, if you know how to set up a PayPal account to benefit this school, this would also be helpful.

After the waterfall we pushed onward to the very small island of Keramat for more snorkeling/swimming. Finally, at dusk we arrived in port on Lombok, boarded our shuttle bus and 3 hours later arrived in Senggigi and Hotel Central (Bon & I, the others went their separate ways).

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